Candy Crush apk

Candy Crush apk

Candy Crush apk free download for android:

Description of Candy Crush apk:

Download free now the updated version of Candy Crush apk for all android and smart phones from the given hyperlink. this is an exceptional recreation that you may play to your leisure time. it is special and just sweet like a candy video game launched through king. Candy Crush apk is an amazing app which gives you varieties of puzzle to resolved, along the way get delicious treats.this is one of the great and top rated game to pastime with full of delightful new undertaking modes. candy crush is full of colorful candies which makes you a taste of playing, you need to clear all the liquor ice jelly and the factors like cherries and nuts within the middle of the candies all the manner all the way down to the bottom and gather a given range of them you have to clear a particular stage in a given that you need to spread extra to win the extent. Candy Crush apk is lovely game to be able to provide you with a few tasty demanding situations too clear and have fun along with the way.

Candy Crush apk is a marvelous game and more attractive, this can provides a different tasks to perform as the icing can not be moved and can be only eliminated by usage of matching subsequent to it along with this another is chocolate qualities this will multiply if you not cleared. candy bombs will explode and prevent the extent early if they are not cleared.Candy Crush apk is completely free available to download from the given link. you are able to eliminate the candies by matching the 3 pairs and get different tasty features if you join or match more then 3, this can help you to complete the stage early and get the highest points from others who played that task  this makes you more interesting and fun with your friends who play Candy Crush apk. Now download this game and smash the candies and chocolates with different ways to enjoy your time.

Features of Candy Crush apk:

  • Available free for all android and smart phones
  • Clean and smooth to play.
  • Interesting stages with extra fun.
  • Spin the daily booster wheel for scrumptious prize.
  • Can easily watch your buddies and competition on leader boards.
  • Provide thousands of puzzling challenges.
  • smash the levels with different taste.
  •  Very simple but interesting levels to play.
  • Gives you more rewards in the form of bombs and life etc to achieve the goals.
  • Many more features.

Requirements for Candy Crush apk:

  • Published on:July 5, 2018
  • Version:
  • Size :74 MB
  • Requirements: 4.1 and up

Download link:

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